About the National Cancer Informatics Program

The National Cancer Informatics Program (NCIP) supports NCI research initiatives through sustaining a multidisciplinary community of biomedical researchers, informaticists, and developers dedicated to improving informatics practices in the study of cancer and the translation of that knowledge into improved clinical interventions.

Over the long term, the NCIP seeks to ensure that the cancer-research community including NCI-designated cancer centers, the upcoming National Cancer Trials Network (NCTN), Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPORES), and individual scientists working in both intramural and extramural laboratories have the necessary informatics capabilities to carry out their missions.

To accomplish its goals, the NCIP engages in five broad areas of activity:

  • fostering community-driven open development of informatics capabilities designed to support specific research needs;
  • providing access to well-described data collections to facilitate integrative cancer research;
  • maintaining and extending an informatics infrastructure and standards to improve interoperability among disparate information systems;
  • reinforcing collaborative relationships among researchers across the basic, translational, and clinical continuum; and
  • training the next generation of biomedical investigators to use informatics capabilities to accelerate biological discovery and clinical application.

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