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Jul 06

Introducing the Data Commons Framework

Author: Robert L. Grossman, Ph. D.

Robert L. Grossman, Ph.D. Frederick H. Rawson Professor Professor of  Medicine and Computer Science Jim and Karen Frank Director,  Center for Translational Data Science (CTDS) University of Chicago For this interview, the Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology Communications Team interviewed Dr. Robert L. Grossman of the University of Chicago Center for Data Intensive …

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Feb 29

Informatics Community Crucial to the Cancer Moonshot

Warren Kibbe, Ph.D.

There has been a lot of press in the past couple of months about the “Cancer Moonshot,” first mentioned by Vice President Joe Biden in October 2015, and gaining steam recently with the President’s State of the Union address and an initial recommendation of $1 billion of funding. The White House released a Fact Sheet …

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Jan 06

FY 2017: NCI Looks to the Clouds

Warren Kibbe, Ph.D.

As the FY 2017 Annual Plan and Budget Proposal describes, some of the key components of the infrastructure and programs that comprise the National Cancer Program include: 69 NCI-designated Cancer Centers across the country, NCI’s National Clinical Trials Network, NCI Community Oncology Research Program, and the NCI-supported programs that are training today’s cancer research workforce and the workforce of the …

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May 12

NCIP Hub: A Platform for Scientific Collaboration, Resource Sharing, and Education

One of the major goals of the NCIP is to help facilitate open innovation and scientific collaboration in the cancer research and informatics community.  To that end, we have undertaken several projects, two of which were the focus of previous NCIP blog posts:  The Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilot, an initiative to democratize access to and …

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Apr 15

Computational Needs for Large-scale Data Analysis: Towards a Cancer Knowledge Cloud

Fountain of data showing cancer cloud

Biology is increasingly joining the ranks of the data-intensive sciences through increased use of “-omics” technologies (next-generation sequencing, expression profiling, proteomics, methylation studies, etc.) and the large-scale use of a variety of imaging technologies in research. This is great for scientists and the patients who are going to benefit from the research, but it poses …

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