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Jan 17

The Network of “BioThings”

Headshot of Chunlei Wu, Ph.D.

By Chunlei Wu, Ph.D. Associate Professor at Scripps Research Department of Integrative Structural and Computational Biology Biomedical knowledge is typically centered around the variety of biological entity types, such as genes, genetic variants, drugs, diseases, etc. Collectively, we refer to them as “BioThings.” The volume of biomedical data has grown explosively, thanks to the efforts …

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Dec 19

Towards FAIR&R Cancer Data Analysis

By Saurabh Sinha, Ph.D., Liz Williams, and Ishwar Chandramouliswaran         In an era of unprecedented growth in the size and variety of datasets and the number of software tools, there is an ever-increasing need for frameworks that connect and integrate data and tools within a secure and easy-to-use research ecosystem. In the …

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Nov 08

Shape the Data Sharing Landscape: Make a Difference

Vivian Ota Wang, Deputy Director of NCI's Office of Data Sharing

By: Vivian Ota Wang, Ph.D. Deputy Director, Office of Data Sharing Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology National Cancer Institute Broad and equitable data sharing can be interpreted many ways. For NCI’s Office of Data Sharing, this means balancing the support of exciting science and innovation and the needs of research and participant communities …

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